B. S. Photography is solely owned and operated by Bryan Scott. The goal is to find the “One Perfect Shot” that tells the story of what is seen.

Traveling anywhere there is a need and someone is willing to cover expenses; past places being Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Nevada, Nebraska, Ohio, Minnesota, Utah and Wisconsin.

Action photography is B. S. Photography’s forte regardless if the subject is moving or the photographer.

Fields of photography B. S. Photography has covered



 Animals (pets to wild life)

Portrait, from newborn to senior citizen

Events – relays, Roller Derby, Medieval Times, Fairs

 Still life, prize winning county fair to the special hot rod

Social Events (graduations, wedding, birthday or other celebrations)

Sports – basketball, baseball, football, water skiing, volleyball, marathons 

Promotional – for selling property, food for menus, showcasing a business

Business – posters, photo-work for webpages or photographs to be autographed at events

Contact  B. S. Photography at BSPhotography@yahoo.com for further information, pricing and available dates.